A Month Without Bacon

Random smatterings of my life, mostly dealing with food, athletics, and the lack of fucks that invade my life.

Week 3 post France got me like

13.1? you mean the number of macaroons eaten in 36 hours (real number: 15). Or 26.2, the liters of wine consumed in 12 days? Commendable feats, indeed

I change up my gym routines, I get bored and unmotivated, and always need to start fresh after a long trip. So, since it is still derby season, smolov is off the table until mid July/end of August (especially with moving).  Instead i’m doing shortcut to shred…just not every single stupid supplement requirement on the plan. The idea is 30 seconds to 1 min of cardio in between EVERY SET. I like it, so far. My hip sure as fuck does NOT. Deadlifts? HA. Box jumps…meh. It is a  6 week cycle, super quick. I hope it helps me maybe get rid of some of the lovely French food I had been stuffing my face with. Reckless abandon is the style in which I eat while abroad, and I will never bear shame for it. I will bear the whining of a meal plan/cardio based lifting post trip, come at me, I’ve earned it.

No matter where you go

There are always at least 2 curlers in the squat rack who have NEVER EVER TRAINED LEGS! I am not surprised I guess, especially when you think about how these people must..*ahem* view themselves…you know,  people who usually have a set of balls hanging from their oversized truck…


So..I took a year off..for good reason

It  has been a while. So many things, SO MANY. Well..about the time I stopped writing, I was starting to apply for jobs, mine at the time was showing the writing on the wall that it was time to move on. I really liked that job, the people, and being able to grow into different positions but, it was time to move on. Starting at the end of August, life threw me a big one: interview for a job IN MY FIELD. Yes, a job where my chosen educational subject area was used. I got the job after labor day. I put in my two weeks mid September, and moved out of Connecticut, and back to Buffalo. I spent 5 years and met some of the best humans I know.  I miss them, daily. I actually do miss New England: the ocean is close, great hiking, decent food when you can find it, and my friends, but I do NOT miss the epic amount of driving I was doing everyday.  I’m going back soon, but it has been quite a ride. 2 weeks notice, moving, starting new job, starting new derby league, loving new job, having no free time, training, sleeping, eating, and now…time enough to write again.

My litany of food crimes: dude you don’t even want to know what I’ve done in a YEAR…which included a vacation to Rome/Florence right after Christmas with family, and a work trip to France a couple of weeks ago.

Fitness goals: I did NOT drop smolov! I only missed one workout due to moving, and hit a 1RP of 205 the weekend of Thanksgiving! I played on the B travel team, was the resident fill in Troll for home teams (so in short, I’ve played numerous games January until now). Bad thing: my hip is screwed. I have no idea what it is, but going to the Ortho not soon enough since deadlifting is PAINFUL and I’m trying to not hurt myself more.

Dean knows what not deadlifting is…


Finally feeling more like myself

It has only taken 5 days of eating right, working out, and going to bed at an old lady hour in order to feel normal.



Um…I never said I looked it.

4 Days in a row…and more to come

Practice Sunday

Lifting and running Monday

Lifting Tuesday

Lifting and running Wednesday

On Deck: Lifting and Running: Thursday and Saturday, Lifting only Friday

After not being in the swing of things either workout wise or food wise for a month, to get back at it feels good. Realizing that the lifting “program” you were following actually lessened your strength = pissed off. Not making that mistake again.

crushin it.gif

Me, this week, in the gym.

I’m a little ashamed, but not horribly

Last night, after helping a friend demo the fuck out of her bathroom (toilet/floor tile/sink/vanity) with a variety of tools (drill, jig saw, crowbar,  screwdriver, hammer), I licked the cheese off a handful of doritos while watching Supernatural, Season 1.

cheat day.gif

One day I’ll say this….unless it happens again…

Run Run Run Run RUN, LAZY ASS, run…

I am pretty proud of myself. On Monday and Tuesday, I ran 5 miles, in 60 minutes. I would brisk walk for 5 minutes, run a mile, walk for 5, and then repeat until 60 minutes/5 miles was met. I would run at a 10:54 pace or 10:00, which is pretty decent for a person who has, until this point, never run more than 3 miles in 30 minutes her entire lifetime.

Today though, my arch on my right foot ached, and my calves were tight. I needed to not just stretch, but recover a bit. This morning I just rotated from bike, to erg, to elliptical, to end with stretching and a couple of planks. A decent “recovery” day for a person who is just getting into running. Tomorrow I plan on a d-load lift day, Friday/Saturday will be both another run and lifting, off on Sunday. I need to keep lifting but I’m going to see if shifting focus helps keep me interested in doing other things since the neurologist hasn’t even gotten my paperwork yet (yeah, don’t ask).

For real though, I need new shoes, the ones I have are not designed for running. Shopping? Sure! Running things!


For real, this bitch is getting into running. SAY WHAT?

Triumphant return…Kinda

So, I have been MIA for a multitude of reasons. One main reason was my coding cert. The cert exam was this weekend, 5hrs and 15 minutes.  So, for the last two weeks, it has taken primary focus over writing, the gym, and has resulted in me sleeping more, and listening to my body so that I could prepare appropriately. I did hit the gym but not consistently. I barely had time to take two quick bathroom breaks, and jogging back and forth to them, in order to finish completely.  My limit was 5 hr 40 min, so I had SOME time, but at that point, I marked and looked at what I missed, and felt that if I reviewed anything else, I could screw myself over for overthinking. I now wait 10-15 business days to see if I passed. So I may be waiting for 3 weeks to know if my dumbass needs to take the free retake. I’d rather not, sitting for that long and realizing it was flying by, is an experience I’d like to not relive unless I’m getting another cert.

My head is better, still waiting on the referral. I may skate non contact for exercise, but again, no hope until I talk to the doctor. Waiting blows. Most likely, still done. As I feel better, that stupid little shit called HOPE crawls into my mind, but I am also pragmatic enough to know medicine isn’t forgiving. So I’m coasting until I am forced to accept the prognosis.

angry dooting.gif

That’s me, walking around until my appointment….


Haven’t really accepted it yet. I know that I said if I had another head injury, no matter how serious or not, I’d be done with derby.

Well, I guess I’m done then, huh…..My finals are tomorrow and I haven't studied for shit. - Imgur.gif

I committed gym douchery, but I’m not that sorry

Made it to the gym a bit late, and of course it is busy as fuck. Thankfully, the curler in the squat rack waited until I done benching and didn’t stay there for an hour. He’s super new, and has personal training here and there, so I will totally give him a learning curve, and a high five starting to work out everyday.

I will admit, I was not so nice to others. Being busy, and with all these new faces, and only 3 usable showers, I am SUPER aware when, getting close to shower time, how many are available. More and more people shower there, which is fine, but more stupid ass hole middle aged women are taking upwards of 45 minutes to shower, which of course they just HAVE to blow dry their hair every fucking day. Or you know the guys that must go in the unisex shower even though the men’s only is available.

I was ripping through my workout, and had one last set of calf raises before finishing, almost on time for being late. There was only one shower left (you are damn right I was starting to keep count of open ones 10 minutes prior to needing it). I noticed the long haired OH I MUST BLOW DRY IT ALL lady was slowing down her elliptical. You are damn right I pulled a fast one, didn’t re-rack (SHAME SHAME SHAME! FIRST TIME EVER) and got my ass to the LAST open shower.


Not fucking sorry. 

I am not going to be late on my routine because some stupid, unaware ass hole must take an hour in the showers. Waiting 10 minutes, ok, but 40, ya’ll can bite my perky round ass. There is no need to do that, and I clocked myself: 20 minutes from shutting the door on the shower to getting into my car. With makeup and hair done.  Yes, I need to atone for skipping my last set AND not re-racking, I know this. I will not kowtow and give in to oblivious shit lickers.

not todayyyyy.png

Not ever.